Amazon Picks for 1:24 scale Dollhouse Miniature Kits

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If you’re stuck at home and need something crafty to occupy your time, these 1:24 scale dollhouse kits are a great way to start a new hobby. Amazon is a great place to shop for them, but there are so many different choices… it’s overwhelming! Here I’ll share some curated options depending on where your skills.


I thought you might want to know these important points, before getting your first kit.

  1. These kits are NOT for child’s play! These kits are too small for small hands and the tiny parts can pose a choking hazard. Their primary purpose is for adult crafting.
  2. Instructions can be hit or miss! Stick with popular brands such as Cutebee, Rolife, or Robotime, which normally has decent English instructions with pictures. There are also some instructional videos on YouTube.
  3. They come with all the needed materials! You just need to bring your own basic craft supplies, such as a craft knife, scissors, glue, a ruler, paints, and batteries if you use the lights.
  4. These things are tiny! You might also need additional tools, such as a magnifying glass, tweezers, or pliers. The teeny size is part of its challenge… they can be fiddly.
  5. Have lots of patience and never impose a deadline, ever! These kits come with a lot of detailed accessories, and some may say they’re *gasp* tedious! Each may take a few weeks (or even months) to finish, but that’s the whole point… it’s crafting! Just enjoy the process and let go of any expectations. Take it one piece at a time.


If you are a beginner, it’s best to start with a one-room kit. They are smaller so you can finish sooner. There’s no feeling like completing your first project! (I wouldn’t know what that feels like, because I’ve never completed any projects – LOL!)

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Which one is your favorite? Have you tried any of them? How did you like building it? Let me know below

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