Petite Princess in vintage Lundby Stockholm

Petite Princess dollhouse dining living room furniture in vintage Lundby Stockholm Dallas
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In the 70’s, Lundby–a Swedish dollhouse manufacturer–produced a few lines of 1:16 scale dollhouses, the two most known of which are the Gothenburg and the Stockholm. Also called “Dallas” by European Lundby lovers, the vintage Stockholm is the larger one of the two. Its special attributes include arched doorways (my favorite part!), wrought-iron-like stair baluster, and French doors leading to a balcony right off the main bedroom on the upper floor. These ornate features of the house call for equally fancy furniture, which is what the Petite Princess line is.

The 3/4-scale Petite Princess Fantasy furniture was produced in the 60’s by Ideal Toy Company, a US manufacturer of dolls and dollhouses, among other things. As the name suggests, the pieces are highly decorative and embellished, suitable for a princess (or princess-wannabe) with a taste for the finer things in life. The chairs, for example, were made with luxury materials such as satin and velvet. Gold trims are a must, as well as real mirrors and marbled-look surfaces.

Let’s take a tour, shall we? Here’s the whole house, furnished.

Petite Princess furniture in vintage Lundby Stockholm Dallas dollhouse

Living room seating furniture includes the curved sofa, wing chair, and drum chair–all in luxurious satin brocade or glittery lamé fabric. Hearth fireplace, coffee table, and pedestal table have marble-look surfaces and gilt accent. Check out the grandfather clock next to the piano. The candelabra floor lamp and table lamp have red shades and gold finish that heighten the luxury factor.

Petite Princess dollhouse living room furniture
Petite Princess dollhouse living room furniture
Petite Princess dollhouse living room furniture

Dining room chairs feature red velvet fabrics. Dining table has Greek-key gilt accent. The console table (not quite visible here) is also covered with red velvet fabric and mirror accents. The red dragon rug is Lundby.

Petite Princess dollhouse living dining room furniture
Petite Princess dollhouse dining room furniture

The kitchen furniture is harder to find, the tulip table and chairs especially so. I got a pretty good deal for my pieces as they were from a larger lot and/or have minor damages. Not pictured here is the kitchen cabinet, because there’s no more room, and also because it’s broken.

Petite Princess dollhouse kitchen furniture

On the upper floor, the main bedroom is furnished with the blue bedroom set with vanity and dresser. No room for the chaise lounge, so our princess relaxes in her bed like us common folks. French doors opens to the balcony.

Petite Princess dollhouse blue bedroom furniture
Petite Princess dollhouse blue bedroom furniture
Petite Princess dollhouse blue bedroom furniture

The bathroom furniture is also hard to find, like the kitchen. I got mine at a reasonable price by using a more general keyword on eBay and practicing lots of patience. Love all the ornate black irons of the archway near the gold ones of the shelves.

Petite Princess dollhouse bathroom furniture

The second bedroom is furnished with the pink bedroom set. The sloped ceiling makes it look cramped but it’s about the same size as the other bedroom. The velvet occasional chair and ottoman can fit here, but not the chaise lounge (which I don’t have anyway). The fluffy animal rug is Lundby.

Petite Princess dollhouse pink bedroom furniture
Petite Princess dollhouse pink bedroom furniture
Petite Princess dollhouse pink bedroom furniture

So there you have it! The precious, luxurious Petite Princess Fantasy furniture inside the equally upscale vintage Lundby Stockholm. Where do you house your Petite Princess? What do you put in your vintage Dallas? I’d love to see them!

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3 thoughts on “Petite Princess in vintage Lundby Stockholm”

  1. I was inspired. I ordered a Stockholm for my collection. As most others, I’m working on a kitchen and bathroom. So excited to get it all together. I might do the add on floor with a Lundy rec room and stable since I love horses so much. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for sharing with others your love for Ideal’s Petite Princess Furniture! Perfectly housed inside a lovely vintage Lundby Stockholm Dollhouse, it is beautifully furnished with an exceptionally well written story! It can’t get much better than this!!!

    1. dillydallydollhouse

      And thank you, Linda, for helping me with the last few pieces that I was missing 🙂

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