Easy DIY Dollhouse Mattress (No-Sew Tutorial)

handmade no-sew dollhouse mattress
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The dollhouse cribs from the previous post have no mattress, and it’s unacceptable. I know babies are supposed to sleep on a firm surface and all, but I’m pretty sure they’re not talking about wood-firm. So here is a tutorial to make an easy, simple, no sew (!) dollhouse crib mattress. You could also use these steps to make any size of dollhouse mattresses–just change the measurements!

Materials for dollhouse mattress

These measurements would work with my miniature cribs. The trick is to cut the batting about 1/8″ smaller than the mattress base measurements. The extra space is for your fabric’s thickness and folds, and to make it easier to put the mattress in and out of the crib.

You can use any kind of thin, lightweight fabric. I use plain white cotton flannel here, as I plan to use different covers or blankets to change it up. Flannel has a bit of a thickness to it, so my mattresses fits snugly inside the cribs.

For cutting batting and fabrics in general, I love using this rotary cutter (and a self-healing cutting mat is a must with any rotary cutter) as it’s faster and easier, but scissors are totally fine. If you cut a lot of fabrics, I recommend keeping a pair of fabrics-only scissors. Don’t use your fabric scissors to cut other materials, not even paper!

1:12 crib mattress (in inches)1:16 crib mattress (in inches)
Craft batting or scraps3 pieces of 2-1/8 x 4-1/82 pieces of 1-5/8 x 3-1/8
Fabric (flannel or lightweight)6 x 6 approximately5 x 5 approximately
Glue (I use Aleene’s)<–<–
pieces of batting and white flannel fabrics for making miniature mattress
Materials for 1:12 (left side) and 1:16 (right side)

How to make dollhouse mattress

Stack all layers of batting neatly and place in the middle of the fabric. Spread a thin layer of glue at one edge of the fabric, and fold over to enclose the batting.

batting pieces stacked together over white flannel fabric
Enclose batting with fabric and glue.

Snip off excess fabric as pictured. You will have a flap that spans the short end and both sides of the crib.

batting encased by white flannel fabric, and fabric is snipped
Snip off…
batting encased by white flannel fabric, and excess fabric is cut away
… and remove excess fabric.

Put a bit of glue on the short edges of the flap, and fold in the corners.

glue placed on the edges of fabric
Add a bit of glue on the sides…
fabric flap is folded in the corners
… and fold in corners.

Put some glue on the edge of the flap, and fold it over.

glue is placed on the edge of the fabric
Add a bit of glue at the tip…
fabric flap is folded over
… and fold over to close.

Do the same for the other end, and voila, you have a mattress! The backside looks like this.

finished dollhouse miniature crib mattress, bottom side
Backside of crib mattresses will not be visible!

And the top is all nice and clean.

finished dollhouse miniature crib mattresses, top side
Top side of mattresses.


And a proper crib–with a mattress– is now done! So you don’t have to scroll back, the tutorial for the crib is here.

dollhouse miniature crib with mattress

Made your own? I’d love to know!

What motivates me the most is seeing you use my tutorials to make your own minis! There are many ways you can share your projects:

  • comment below to let me know (or if you have any questions about it–for the benefit of others also!)
  • link back to my site or this tutorial,
  • tag me on Facebook or Instagram,
  • share your version on my Facebook group!

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