Dollhouse Kitchen Corner Cabinet (Tutorial + SVG)

dollhouse kitchen corner cabinet in 1:12 and 1:16 scales
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You’ll be glad to know that this L-shaped dollhouse kitchen corner cabinet isn’t very hard to make! The secret is the inner frames. Just two simple boxes glued together, then covered with outer panels to hide the seams. That’s all there is to it!

I made the inner frames using chipboard and the outer panels using basswood, both of which are 1/16″ thick.

dollhouse kitchen corner cabinets


In a 1:1 scale, this corner cabinet would measure 24″ deep plus the 12″ wing to make the L shape. So the total finished measurements are equivalent to 36″ wide and deep.

Each wing measures the same, so the piece can be placed in the left or right corner. Hooray for symmetry!

The cabinet consists of two inner frames that are glued together, then covered with basswood sheet.

The measurements are designed to work with 1/16″ material, except for the countertop which is 1/8″ thick. I simply double-layered 1/16″ basswood for the countertop.

The SVG files are available on my Etsy shop:


To import the SVG file into Cricut Design Space, head on to this post or watch this video on YouTube.


Cutting List for Dollhouse Kitchen Corner Cabinet

Cut the following pieces on chipboard:

  • 2 pieces of FrameA Front/Back
  • 2 pieces of FrameA Top/Bottom
  • 4 pieces of FrameA/B Sides
  • 2 pieces of FrameB Front/Back
  • 2 pieces of FrameB Top/Bottom
  • 1 piece of Toekick SupportA
  • 1 piece of Toekick SupportB

Cut the following pieces on basswood:

  • 1 piece of BackA
  • 1 piece of BackB
  • 2 pieces of Sides
  • 1 piece of ToekickA
  • 1 piece of ToekickB
  • 1 piece of DoorA
  • 1 piece of DoorB
  • 4 pieces of Countertop
    • Another option: 1 piece of Countertop base + 2 pieces of Countertop


I made a video overview of the assembly, which you can watch here or on YouTube. I recommend you watch it to get a feel of the whole process! The assembly notes below have some more details, so I think it’s helpful to read them also.

Step 1: Cut and label

Cut all the necessary pieces (refer to the cutting list above). Label each piece using a pencil, so the markings can be erased or covered easily with paint. Sand all edges so they’re smooth and even.

Step 2: Make the inner frames

The inner frames are really just simple boxes, however you might find helpful to review the video.

Simply glue the top piece to the back piece, then insert the sides, the bottom, and finally top off with the front piece. All the corners should meet up exactly.

making a simple box for the inner frame of a dollhouse kitchen corner cabinet

Frame A is the larger one of the two. Make this one and then repeat the same process for Frame B.

Step 3: Combine the inner frames

Glue the side of Frame B to the front of Frame A.

two inner frame boxes are glued together to make a dollhouse kitchen corner cabinet

Step 4: Attach the basswood outer panels

Glue the Back A panel to the Frame A, leaving a 1/16″ lip on the outer corner.

wood panel is added to the inner frame

Then, glue the Back B panel to the Frame B. Then attach the Side panels.

all wood panels are attached to the inner frames

Step 5: Insert the toekick parts

Insert the toekick supports in place, under frames A and B. There should be a 1/16″ wide gap between the two.

toekick supports added to the bottom of the frames

Insert the longer Toekick A inside that gap. Then, attach the Toekick B in place.

toekicks added to the frame

Step 6: Attach the doors

Glue on the Door A and B to the front of each respective frame. Then, paint away!

Step 7: Assemble the countertop

If you follow my way of making the countertop, you should have are 4 pieces of 1/16″ countertop pieces. Layer two pieces together, and make two of them. Then, butt-join them at the angle.

An alternate way to assemble the countertop is to use the base topped with 2 pieces of countertops.

Step 8: Put them all together

When the paint on the cabinet is try, place the countertop in place, and attach the handles.

handles are added to the finished dollhouse kitchen corner cabinet


finished dollhouse kitchen corner cabinet in 1:12 and 1:16 scales

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